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What is an MVP and what do we do?

What’s an MVP?

A Maternity Voice Partnership (MVP) is a team of parents, health professionals, commissioners (who fund services) and community organisations working together to help make services provided during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood the best they can possibly be for each family.

Our goal is to make sure all voices are heard and used to impact change. We seek out the voices of those who have recently used or are currently using local maternity services and look for themes in the feedback. We then work together to change and improve care to ensure maternity services are centred around the people using them and meeting their needs.

An MVP is a voice for those who use maternity services to ensure they are created and shaped by the families that use them.

What do we do

Volunteer service user representatives collect feedback from families who are using or have used local maternity services in the last 2 years about the care they received during  pregnancy, birth and the first few of weeks after birth. We share this feedback anonymously with the maternity teams at the hospital, in community and with the Integrated Care Board (who fund the services) to see where things are working well and where improvements and changes need to be made.

We ask for people to tell us the following:
– what was good about your maternity care experience?
– what, if anything, wasn’t good?
– what ideas do you have for improvement?

We don’t discuss individual cases or handle complaints. We look for themes in feedback and for good ideas to improve maternity care. Our team of parents, service providers, commissioners and community organisations then work together to change and develop care to ensure maternity services are centred around the people using them and meeting their needs.

Getting involved!

Help make a difference to maternity services in Herefordshire and Worcestershire by becoming a volunteer for the Herefordshire or Worcestershire Maternity Voices Partnership. Both Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVP) are looking for volunteers to collect information from people who have used maternity services in the two counties.

    • -Through listening events
    • -Asking for feedback at meetings which you attend on behalf of the  MVP
    • -Visiting and gathering feedback at parent and baby groups
    • -Getting feedback for current consultations, engagements and questionnaires
    • -Visiting clinical areas i.e. outpatient clinics on behalf of the MVP

The MVP looks to collect feedback from all people who represent the wide variety of families in Herefordshire and Worcestershire and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in volunteering with the Maternity Voices Partnerships please see the contact details on the right.

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