We want to hear and share your pregnancy and child birth stories, as we know many new parents have experiences that others can relate to, and at times take comfort from.

We’ll be sharing real people talking about their personal experiences of different topics; from naming the baby and sleepless nights, to mental health and support systems – no area will be left uncovered!

Everyone is welcome to get involved. You don’t have to be a mother, you could be a father, birthing partner, grandparent or a close friend – if you’ve had the experience of helping to welcome a child in to the world, we want to hear about it in your own words!  All you need to do to get involved is contact us.

Your Stories


In the third trimester of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which then meant my whole birth plan had to change.

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Jessica and Loken

“I was so happy I chose a water birth”

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Gemma and Harrison

“I'm unsure if I would have managed to continue breastfeeding without the support I received.”

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Kelly’s Story

“My son fed like a dream immediately but then it felt like everything went wrong”

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Sophie and Holly

“Our community midwife listened to our concerns and referred us to the tongue tie clinic.”

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